Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why I haven't Blogged for so long!

Well, its just that I have been overwhelmed with starting an online business....Decadent Desserts.  You would not believe what goes into it.  My passion for years has been desserts.  I was even known in several circles as the dessert lady. As you all know I am single and I have a junior in high school this year..fast approaching graduating and heading off to college.  What am I do to then...well, it all started with a conversation.  A conversation back in July with someone who I have known for a long time, but yet, we are more acquaintances than friends.  She was watching me put the finishing touches on a dessert I call Chocolate Pavlova and she begins to say she can see me in a shop, selling my desserts, decorated with bookshelves lined with books and other odds and ends and a fireplace and other things I don't want to give away...(got to have a few secrets).  I was in shock, flabbergasted, jaw dropping to the floor.  Here is a woman speaking to me and describing my dream job, my dream shop and yet I have never voiced this to anyone...not even my family(and that's a whopper not to tell my family).  I immediately thought, wow is God knocking on my head going SHANNON...hello there...this is what I want you to do. So, I prayed, and prayed, and prayed;  I am even praying now. I also went to my facebook friends and asked them if this is God knocking at my door. The immediate response was yes.  But the immediate response from God was to keep praying, put in line a business plan and give yourself a year.  That is wonderful...i knew that it would never be right away, i knew that the dream was far but within reach and I knew that if this was a God centered project it would happen. come up 2 months and i started thinking that if i start online and find a base, when i finally move into a shop the base will come with me.  So...I did it. When your on a shoestring budget (zip, zilch, nada) you want to do things within you budget to make it look professional.  So, take a look at http://decadentdesserts-greenwood.blogspot.com/ and order if anything looks good. 
See you at my next post.

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