Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why I haven't Blogged for so long!

Well, its just that I have been overwhelmed with starting an online business....Decadent Desserts.  You would not believe what goes into it.  My passion for years has been desserts.  I was even known in several circles as the dessert lady. As you all know I am single and I have a junior in high school this year..fast approaching graduating and heading off to college.  What am I do to then...well, it all started with a conversation.  A conversation back in July with someone who I have known for a long time, but yet, we are more acquaintances than friends.  She was watching me put the finishing touches on a dessert I call Chocolate Pavlova and she begins to say she can see me in a shop, selling my desserts, decorated with bookshelves lined with books and other odds and ends and a fireplace and other things I don't want to give away...(got to have a few secrets).  I was in shock, flabbergasted, jaw dropping to the floor.  Here is a woman speaking to me and describing my dream job, my dream shop and yet I have never voiced this to anyone...not even my family(and that's a whopper not to tell my family).  I immediately thought, wow is God knocking on my head going SHANNON...hello there...this is what I want you to do. So, I prayed, and prayed, and prayed;  I am even praying now. I also went to my facebook friends and asked them if this is God knocking at my door. The immediate response was yes.  But the immediate response from God was to keep praying, put in line a business plan and give yourself a year.  That is wonderful...i knew that it would never be right away, i knew that the dream was far but within reach and I knew that if this was a God centered project it would happen. come up 2 months and i started thinking that if i start online and find a base, when i finally move into a shop the base will come with me.  So...I did it. When your on a shoestring budget (zip, zilch, nada) you want to do things within you budget to make it look professional.  So, take a look at http://decadentdesserts-greenwood.blogspot.com/ and order if anything looks good. 
See you at my next post.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


SO, last week I had a lot of political items on my mind and I thought seriously about writing my thoughts down and letting everyone see. But, after having a high spirited conversation with someone last week I decided that I, yes I for those who know me, would keep my figurative mouth shut. I am so tired of defending my choices and my stances. They are mine to have, you are not going to change them and I am surely not going to change yours. That is not who I am. Just because my views differ from someone else does not mean I am going to stand in your way, shout at you, or call you names that will demean you. That is just not who I am. My opinions are mine and probably won't change. Let's all agree to disagree.

Onto other things on my mind. I am gearing up to do a 30 hour famine to raise awareness of world hunger. Let me repeat that, WORLD HUNGER. Not just other countries but, the world..that does include America. However, I do have something to say about America vs. the rest of the world hunger. These are not facts...again these are my opinions. I may not be right but this is how I feel. In American...even the poorest person/family is so much richer than any of the people who live in poverty in the world. In America we have access to government programs to help us feed our families in time of need. Yes, there are people who abuse the systems, but, these people seem to outshine the other people who are using it to get by when times are tough. I am one of those examples. Many of you know that I am a single mother...my parents have been there to help raise my son, taking care of him, making sure he got on the bus, making sure that he was where he needed to be after shool so I would not have to use hours of my vacation or work over to make up time lost. There I am thankful so much to them, but, financially...I am the provider. I have used WIC when my son was young...I used foodstamps for a time, I had medicaid for a while when he was young and when I was in school. I have gone and used a food pantry when times were tough. I have used these, because, I have access to them. The world (ie 3rd world countries) do not have the access to government programs that we here in America have. That is why organizations such World Vision and the 30 Hour Famine exist. World Vision is on the ground in 3rd world countries where poverty and nutrition are the hardest. When Hati had there earthquake World Vision was there already and within 24 hours they had shelter and food ready and up and running. 25,000 children die each day due to malnutrion, dehydration, malaria and other common causes that we do not have to deal with here in america. And yet, my heart breaks when a person cannot bear to give $5 to feed a child for 5 days. Could you feed yourself on $1 a day? Let me be honest, I could not. These children in 3rd world countries have every right to fight and to survive. One of them could be the next leader of their country, the person that cures cancer, the person that puts an end to poverty in their country. Let these children live and wonder about them when you close your eyes. I do!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Week of Just Being Blahhhhh!!!

Yes, today I can actually say I had a boring and non busy week. And it was all due to a 2 little pills by the name of Metforman. Yes, a month ago today I start taking this lovely pill because I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for short). No, I am not looking to have anymore children....but, there is still time and if by some miracle of me going nuts and wanting another child after I have raised one I want to be able to have one. PCOS is one step closer to finding out what has been going on with my system. In PCOS I make enough insulin to produce an egg but not enough to pop off the egg and ovulate. So, to the medicine I am now taking. Metforman is supposed to up my insulin and let me ovulate...with a few side effects...such as a horrible nauseousness that even beats morning sickness. Yes ladies, it beats morning sickness. I first started out with 500 mg and the next morning I did not want to move (I take it at dinner). If I moved I felt like I wanted to, pardon my description, puke like no tommorrow. Let's just say, so thankful that I took my first dose on a Friday night because nothing got done that first weekend. I got used to that dose and then was upped to 1000 mg. Hello nauseousness AGAIN! But, this time it just has not gotten better. Every morning I wake up with that no so good feeling in my stomach. It usually died down a little and then shortly before dinner it would start making its presence known. This went on over and over again until this past Tuesday the 27th. Got up to go to work feeling a little worse than in the past few mornings. OKAY, something I can deal with. Grabbed my ginger ale and headed to work. I have a 40 minute drive and all the way there it would just come in wave upon wave upon wave of nauseousness. I pulled into my parking spot opened the door and well.....just use your imagination. Done, thinking I might feel better I walked into my building. Poor bathroom...for the 20 minutes my stall was my home. Finally got a hold of one of my co-workers who insisted on driving me home (thank you), and went home where the next two days my life consisted of sleeping, sleeping..bathroom, sleeping, sleeping, ohh and a low grade fever. Yes..I think this medicine at the 1000mg strength might have done me in for a while. No running the child around, no going to the gym, no work (heck I can't say I missed that), no being busy. This liitle guy (yes that picture) has truly one upped my stomach, my sleep, and my overall mood. Today is a little better and hopefully it will get better day by day. So much for now. Signing off---Shannon

Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Open Letter To That Guy and The Guy

To That Guy;
We got together, great. We had fun. Even better. But, please...I am older, wiser and I told you not to play games with me. So, don't tell me your going to call when you and i know better. Its hard to know that you used me when I thought, for some dumb reason, that the history and the time that we shared when we were younger would not have warranted what happened and the way you have treated me. Why, do you say I am writing this? To close the door on you. See, unknowingly, you got a piece of my heart back then. You had it then, you have it now, and you will have it in the future. But, that piece of my heart needs to be closed, needs to be locked away and needs to just remember you in our good times. Those drives that we had will be the times i remember the most. The comfort and the friendship that i felt inside your car is what i want to remember, not the way you treated me by seeing me then shutting me out. See, I am a wonderful, beautiful, curvaceous, smart, sassy woman. Alibi, i tend to over think things, open my mouth before I think and i tend to want to lead than follow. But that's me because i have had to be in charge of my life for the past 17 years. But, I want a man who will love me, who will cherish me, who honor me, who will love my son and love God above all. And you, at this point are not it. My heart last week thought that i should leave your door open. Give you time to heal. But, my head this week says that the door is going to close, it will be locked and hopefully over time will shrink so that one day i can walk by that door and not notice it. I do hope that you will at one point be able to open yourself again to someone because as I have said before I don't think God would ever want you to not love again. I don't know how to end this because in some ways I don't want to close this chapter. But , maybe you and I will meet in another chapter of our lives.
Love Shannon

To THE Guy;
You are out there and I hope to meet you soon. All I ask of you is to love me, honor me, cherish me, love my son, and love God above all. And everything will fall in line. I won't ask you to change and I hope you won't ask me to change. I hope one day we will have a fight, but, we will work it out. We will never go to bed angry and when we wake up the next day our eyes and our smiles will say it all. I love you and I will work everyday, every minute to be your wife. We will grow old together and see our grandchildren come into this world. I will love you to the day I die and I will love you even more when I greet you in heaven. You are out there, and I pray everyday that if it is in God's plan he will send you to me.
All my love, Shannon

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yesterday began with they typical scheduling. Overlapped. Yes, a single mother does overlap her committments once in a while (with me it seems to be every monday this summer.) Work, go watch my son play ultimate frisbee, take him home, and rush to bible study a smidge bit late. That's how it usually is. Yesterday, not so much. Work (went fine). Had to rush to the fields because low and behold someone left his cleats in the car. However, the traffic gods were not with me last night. It took me 1/2 hr to get out of downtown indy, and then it seemed like everyone i got behind was not worried about getting home last night...lah dee dah, lah dee dah. My comment to that would be....GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!! Finally got there 30 minutes into his game...thankfully he had cleats that were...less than stellar that he could wear till i got there. Hot day to watch ultimate outside so sat in the car where a nice breeze was going through. Worked on my bible study that we would be talking about that night. (Yes, I am a procrastinater through and through.) We are studing the book of Esther. I tell you if you want to read soap opera's the bible is the place to do it. The last two books i have studied, I tell you there is more plot, intrigue, manipulation and family problems than you could ever read about anywhere else (just not with graphic displays of nudity and language). I was very intrigued by one of the days that we were studing. Haman (the bad guy, who hates all jews and have condemed all jews living in persia to death) is having a pity party, because let's see...he the right hand man to King Xerxes, has done virtually nothing to get there, wears the kings signet ring, but can't stand that a man, Mordecai the Jew, will not bow to him. My study suggest that we can get addicted to a person. (Hello, wow, big realization here on a guy that I would like to see more of but its just not happening). I have let my big fat sloppy emotionally filled heart have feelings for someone i have fixated upon. God showed me the door so i can start to close it....but wait, we learned about time that night in bible study. Time will come not when we want, time might be right for us but, not for someone else, and time must be given to God in the mean-time. So, my question for my big fat sloppy emotionally filled heart is....do i close the door all the way or do i close it just enough that when its time there still a crack that can be seen and used to push back into my heart? HMMMMM! Well enough with that. I was 1/2 hr late to bible study...love having a night with my fellow christian women. We are in so many different areas of our walk with God it is interesting to hear many different views on what they perceive. Came home that night to a 16 year boy watching Anastasia. Love when you get time with your teenager. Life goes on and is continually busy. See you next week. -Signed May Be Single And Boring but sure am Busy

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tonight, I venture into the land of blogging. I titled this "I Might Be Single and Boring but I sure am Busy," because it's all true. Today's agenda was Work and a Committee Meeting for my church and around 2pm I got an e-mail saying that my committee meeting was postponed. You wouldn't believe how relieved I was that I didn't have that meeting. I actually got to go and workout for an hour, eat dinner with my family, and hang out with my son. The next few days will be busy, busy, busy. Tommorrow I will get some me time with other ladies, Thursday and Friday I hope to dedicate time to the gym and Saturday I have a wedding. This is just my schedule...my son's just get's added in between when he needs me to drive him somewhere. Speaking of driving, he starts driver's ed soon and hopefully by Mid August he will be driving on his own.
This is me. Join me on my adventure of being single, boring, but surely busy. Bon Nuit, Good Night, and see you when I next post.